Wednesday, July 26, 2006

CSA Goodness on July 24

Another lovely CSA basket. Here is what was included this week:

Beans: Filet Beans (Maxibel)
Beets: Blankoma - white, Chioggia - red and white striped, and Golden - yellow
Cucumber: Suyo Long
Leeks - King Richard
Summer Squash: Sebring - yellow, and Eight Ball - round and green
Tomatoes: Dr. Wyche's Yellow (large golden), Italian Heirloom, Juliet (red cherry), and White Bounty (all heirloom except Juliet)

Good stuff. Last night we made Tomato Basil Pasta with fresh basil, the Italian Heirloom tomato, fresh garlic, onion, and whole wheat pasta. Yummmmm. Today, I ate half of the cucumber. It was so delicious. My parents have an "egg share" and get a dozen "just laid" eggs every week. I stole 2 eggs from their box for Bella. They were so cute...and green.


Blogger km said...

Ooohh...yummy! I got some cucumbers, zuchinni, pole beans and some hot peppers from my friends garden today. He just picked them last night! I love fresh veggies...summer rocks!

5:25 PM, July 26, 2006  

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